Tangerine is 8 gay bitches (like vriska). The name tangerine came from Baby Carrot from Peach saying "Tangerines, huh?" or some shit like that. Tangerine originated on Peach.cool, originally known as the "anime profile picture side of peach", opal's underwear has a hole in it btw, people were quickly kicked out for being boring or annoying or shitty or whatever reason idk see u later xoxoxoxoxoxoxo anyways we got called out for being friends and left peach in a grand exodus to discord. At this point, Tangerine consisted of 12 people: Laurence, Apollo, Daniel, Dominic, Adrian, Rosa, Andrew, Red, Miles, Mason, and Gara, also Opal who's underwear has a hole in it btw. miles ugly mason ugly byeeee red and gara are fine but not here anymore. we are sexy and best friends and also gay <3

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